Become a Phone-Free MVP

Do you know how much time you are spending on your phone per day?

I have recently noticed that almost every student I meet with largely UNDERESTIMATES just how much time they’re spending on their phones. And while recent reports have shown that the average student is now spending upwards of 7 hours, I have seen even higher numbers in my 1:1 consultations.

Not all screen time is unproductive screen time.  Listening to educational podcasts or watching Youtube videos that are related to your course content can definitely be valuable time spent behind the screen.  But most of the students I have met with have admitted to spending way too much time being unproductive and have recognized that it has been negatively impacting their studies.

Does this sound familiar? If so, here are my top 3 tips for decreasing your digital distraction and becoming a phone-free MVP:

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

M – MONITOR and limit your screen time usage.  Use the Screen Time function on your iPhone or download one of the many free apps (such as Digital Wellbeing or Rescue Time) for Android.  Set app limits and DO NOT PRESS IGNORE once you have reached your limit. Consider temporarily deleting highly used apps, especially during test/exam times. (You’ll thank me later for this one!)
V – Change the VISUAL display on your phone so that it is less appealing.  Changing the colours on your phone to greyscale so that you don’t enjoy the mindless scrolling as much can help your brain to reduce the cravings and eventually decrease the habit.  You can adjust the visual display in your settings under Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Color Filters.
P – PLACE your phone out of sight when you need to focus.  Putting your phone in another room when you are at home studying, or in your bag when you are in class can significantly reduce your temptation to pick it up every 2 seconds.  Research shows that if your phone is at least 20 seconds away from you, you will be able to focus more intently on the task at hand and for longer periods of time. 

Happy Studying!

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