How to Juggle Working from Home While Homeschooling Your Children

It is definitely an unprecedented time right now and we are all collectively facing many changes and challenges when it comes to navigating this new landscape.

With most school boards officially starting their “Learn from Home” programs this week, I have had many parents reach out to me for tips on how to manage homeschooling their children while simultaneously working from home. Since I happen to be in the exact same boat, I will share some of the strategies that have been helping me to manage my days while working from home and supporting my son’s learning.

Be organized. Be flexible. Be prepared. Be easy on yourself.

Here are a few tips you can try:

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1. Be organized. Making a plan or schedule in advance can be helpful in figuring out what will get done and when. Schedules are particularly helpful for younger children who thrive on routine. Create a schedule with your child (like the one I made with my son on the left) and try your best to schedule your less important work tasks during times when you know your children will need your attention.

2. Be flexible. Know that things will not always go as planned and be okay with that. Let your colleagues know if you have little ones around so that interruptions don’t come as a surprise. If you have a partner/spouse that you share parenting and homeschooling responsibilities with, discuss how you will set up your “shifts” to take turns working while the other takes over with the kids and vice versa.

3. Be prepared. Having work spaces set up with work books and supplies or having the fridge stocked with chopped fruits and veggies the night before can help make things easier the next day. It can also be helpful to have a back up plan in place should things not work out the way you intended.

4. Be easy on yourself. I recognize that everyone’s situation is different. And even though many of us are working from home, everyone’s home life and day-to-day experiences are quite unique. Despite our varied experiences, I want to remind parents that no matter what your situation is, you should simply just TRY YOUR BEST. Try your best and don’t expect to be perfect. Take it one day at a time and do what you have to do to get through. You got this.

If you do need some support, don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay healthy!

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