Must-Have School Supplies

It’s that time of year again! Before we know it, school will be back in session. I personally am always excited by the prospect of new school supplies. With that, I find the back-to-school season a great time to stock up on basics and get reorganized. I always look forward to getting prepared for a new and successful academic year.

Here’s a list to get you started with school supplies:

For younger students:

  • Colourful art supplies are a must!
  • Pencils and erasers are a good choice for those learning to write. If you are concerned about proper finger placement, a pencil grip can help to ensure a tripod grasp is achieved which can reduce any pain from holding the pencil incorrectly.
  • Stick-on labels are recommended so that younger students can easily keep track of their belongings.  You can order pre-printed labels with your child’s name or blank ones that you write on yourself.

For college or university students:

  • Pens, white-out, and highlighters make note-taking easy and interesting. Keep these in a nice pencil case!
  • Sticky notes and index cards are useful for writing notes and studying.
  • Disposable ear plugs can also be helpful when studying in noisy and distracting environments

For everyone:

  • A daily planner can help people of all ages keep track of their own schedules and settle into a new semester.
  • I’m obsessed with erasable gel pens.  They are perfect for writing in your agenda as you can easily make changes when needed.
  • Notebooks are essential for taking good notes.
  • A dry-erase board can be helpful for jotting down reminders and to-dos.

Whether you head to the dollar store, a department store, or your favourite online store, the earlier you start thinking about your back-to-school needs, the more selection you will find both in store and online.  Happy shopping!