Tips for Making Life Choices Conducive to your Desired Lifestyle – Part 1

One of my favourite quotes comes from J.K. Rowling: “It is our choices that determine our path, far more than our abilities.” I tell this quote to students all the time because I truly believe that anyone can have the ability to live their desired lifestyle, but it is really their choices that will determineContinue reading “Tips for Making Life Choices Conducive to your Desired Lifestyle – Part 1”

Reflect, Review, Recharge: Tips for Summer Break

Do weeks or even months of no college or university mean you should just relax and do nothing?! While I do think it’s important to take some time off to rest and recharge, I also think that the summer break can be a great time to solidify your knowledge and enhance your overall well-being. ManyContinue reading “Reflect, Review, Recharge: Tips for Summer Break”

How to be a Productivity Powerhouse – Part 2

Last week I shared 3 tips on how to increase your productivity while working from home: Set up a workspace that includes comfort, convenience, and good vibes. Incorporate healthy habits into your day by habit stacking. Make a concrete plan to take control of your day. As many of us continue to navigate our newContinue reading “How to be a Productivity Powerhouse – Part 2”

How to be a Productivity Powerhouse – Part 1

Many of us are working and/or studying from home right now, and some of us may not be quite used to it yet. I personally had never worked from home until now and I can acknowledge that it is a very big adjustment. There are just so many distractions like your phone, your family, andContinue reading “How to be a Productivity Powerhouse – Part 1”

How to Juggle Working from Home While Homeschooling Your Children

It is definitely an unprecedented time right now and we are all collectively facing many changes and challenges when it comes to navigating this new landscape. With most school boards officially starting their “Learn from Home” programs this week, I have had many parents reach out to me for tips on how to manage homeschoolingContinue reading “How to Juggle Working from Home While Homeschooling Your Children”

Supporting Your Child in Learning at Home

As we hear news that school closures will be extended, many parents or guardians may be beginning to worry about how their children will do when trying to learn on their own from home. Here are some tips on how parents or guardians can help their children remain engaged in learning. For elementary school-aged children:Continue reading “Supporting Your Child in Learning at Home”

Setting Up Your Space to Work/Study from Home

During these uncertain times, many of us are now working and/or studying from home in an environment that we may not be used to working or studying from! Adjusting to working from home can be challenging. Having a designated space to work in can be helpful for decreasing distractions and increasing both motivation and productivity. Continue reading “Setting Up Your Space to Work/Study from Home”

The Transition to Online Courses

Many post-secondary students are set to head back to class VIRTUALLY after their campuses have been closed due to COVID-19. As the institutions move to online delivery, many students may be anxious about the transition from in-person to online courses. Here are some tips that can help students as they navigate their new learning landscape. TreatContinue reading “The Transition to Online Courses”

Preparing for Post-Secondary

Planning to start post-secondary?  Here are some tips from a Learning Strategist who has helped thousands of students succeed! For many students, transitioning from high school to post-secondary can feel quite overwhelming.  Working as a Learning Strategist on a busy campus for the past five years, I’ve met with thousands of students in their firstContinue reading “Preparing for Post-Secondary”