Reflect, Review, Recharge: Tips for Summer Break

Do weeks or even months of no college or university mean you should just relax and do nothing?! While I do think it’s important to take some time off to rest and recharge, I also think that the summer break can be a great time to solidify your knowledge and enhance your overall well-being. ManyContinue reading “Reflect, Review, Recharge: Tips for Summer Break”

The Transition to Online Courses

Many post-secondary students are set to head back to class VIRTUALLY after their campuses have been closed due to COVID-19. As the institutions move to online delivery, many students may be anxious about the transition from in-person to online courses. Here are some tips that can help students as they navigate their new learning landscape. TreatContinue reading “The Transition to Online Courses”

Preparing for Post-Secondary

Planning to start post-secondary?  Here are some tips from a Learning Strategist who has helped thousands of students succeed! For many students, transitioning from high school to post-secondary can feel quite overwhelming.  Working as a Learning Strategist on a busy campus for the past five years, I’ve met with thousands of students in their firstContinue reading “Preparing for Post-Secondary”