The comments below are feedback received from my in-school study skills workshops.

If you would like to submit feedback, please feel free to email me at studywithjoanne@gmail.com.

Teacher Feedback

“Joanne’s presentation in my class was lively and interactive with very helpful points provided to help my students with their studies. Two weeks later, my students took their second term test and they all did much better! Joanne’s points really hit home and they took advantage of her practical tips and were able to integrate them into their study routine.”

“I thank Joanne for coming to visit my class this week.  Her talk was very informative and engaging.  I learned something too!  I know our students benefitted from her presentation.”

Student Feedback

“I’m thankful that Joanne came to our school and helped us realize what actually goes on in our brains and the reason a lot of us lose time when we are “studying” by being on our phones.  And she also helped us realize that mental health plays a big part in our daily needs of studying too.”

“Honestly, after listening to Joanne’s presentation, I was surprised with all the information that was given to us.  We’re actually really lucky to have a person like Joanne to guide us through our future. I will actually start taking better care of myself now, so I can have a better future!”

“Joanne’s presentation was one hour long, but it will be helpful for my whole life, so this was one of the most valuable use of my time for my whole life so far.”

“Meeting Joanne was beyond helpful and motivating! I learned many skills that I can use throughout my life, and not just in a university atmosphere. In just a few sessions, we covered important topics such as time management, how to properly study, and how to prepare for important exams. She is a very easy person to talk to and cares about the success of her students. After a hard first year at university, I am so happy I was given the opportunity to see Joanne, as my life has never felt so simple and organized.”

Parent Feedback

“I knew from our first conversation that Joanne was the right person. My daughter worked with Joanne over the summer getting her ready for university providing valuable skills and tips during their one on one coaching sessions. Her enthusiasm for learning was infectious.  We have decided to continue working with Joanne remotely while my daughter is away at school. Thanks Joanne!”

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