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Study With Joanne


Dynamic, engaging, and interactive study skills workshops that are proven to be helpful to students.


Talks that focus on the holistic wellness of the self.


One-on-one meetings with students to provide strategies and encouragement to help them succeed.

In-School Study Skills Workshops

I deliver 100+ study skills workshops every year.  My workshops have been proven to be dynamic, engaging, fun, and interactive.

Workshops can cover the following areas related to academic success:

Time Management: How to manage competing priorities, keep track of due dates, and stay on top of your studies.

Brain Optimization: Tips on getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, and having a positive mindset that will set you up for success.

Reading: How to read textbooks effectively by knowing which information to extract and how to retain it.

Note-Taking: The best way to take useful notes in class and how to use those notes to review and prepare for tests/exams.

Test/Exam Preparation: Where, what, when, and how to study smarter using research-backed strategies.

Metacognitive Awareness: Learning how to learn at a deeper level where you actually understand the material versus simply trying to memorize everything.

Sample topics include:

How to Become a Study Skills Ninja: My top 10 tips for becoming a successful student (Intermediate Level)

Time to Thrive: Your road map on how to study and succeed in High School (High School Level)

Studying 101: Research-backed tips to help you become a more efficient and effective learner (College and University Level)

Interested in organizing a Study Skills Workshop? Book a free 20-minute consultation call to discuss how I can engage your students.

Motivational/Keynote Speaker

As a holistic wellness advocate, I have an in-depth understanding of how taking care of yourself mentally and physically can lead to many positive outcomes in your life… including academic success.  In my motivational talks, I speak to the many ways we can optimize our brains and increase our energy, mental health, productivity, and many more positive possibilities!

Sample topics include:

The Resilience Recipe: How to stress less and soar more.

The Brain Boosting Benefits of Self-Care: How to optimize your brain for academic success.

Harnessing the power of Grit, Willpower and Motivation to Succeed in School (and Life!)

Check out my TEDx Talk to learn about the many benefits of exercise on learning.

Interested in booking me to speak at your event? Book a free 20-minute consultation call to discuss how I can speak to the interests of your audience.

1:1 Consultations

Many students do not know HOW to study, simply because no one has ever taught them!  Because of this, most students tend to rely on using the same ineffective study strategies over and over, often resulting in them not living up to their full academic potential.

Some students may require more personalized attention in order to learn the skills that can contribute to their success.  That’s where I can help!

I meet with students 1:1 and together we discover their individual learning needs.  My goal is to provide students with the strategies and encouragement they need to succeed.  I help students to build productive habits and incorporate research-backed learning strategies that can help them to become more efficient and effective learners who are in charge of their own success.

I work with any student from grade 7 up to college/university level (mature students too!) who would benefit from ongoing, individualized support to build more effective study skills, including time management, organization, test preparation, test-taking and more!

How do you know if you or your child would benefit from meeting with a Learning Strategist?
  • Not meeting their academic potential or experiencing falling grades?
  • Having trouble starting and/or completing their school work?
  • Having trouble managing time, assignments, and/or managing their workload?
  • Transitioning to a more challenging academic level (e.g. another grade or school)?
  • Having challenges with test-taking and/or studying effectively for tests?
  • Seeming to lack a “sense of urgency” and/or have too great of a “sense of urgency”?
  • Struggling to organize work, forgetting work, lacking longer-term planning skills?

Interested in booking a 1:1 Consultation? Book a free 20-minute consultation call to find out how I can make studying easier for you or your child.

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